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Forming an opinion on a new product 

Before recommending anything, I personally test it to make sure it’s something I’d use every day in the salon, and here’s how I do it.

1. Don’t Compare.
This can be difficult! However, I’m a working tech, I know how I work and what I want/need from my products. So any new product I work with I judge on it’s own merits. I’m a firm believer that if you need to tear something else down to make another look good you’re on the wrong track.

2. Give it a fair chance.
Yes, first impressions are a big thing. But, with an acrylic system especially, you need to check wearability. I’ll trial on clients and see how it looks 3 weeks later at maintenance before giving my full opinion. I’ll also invest time in learning how the new system was designed and a bit of science behind it.  If I’m trialling equipment,  I’ll make sure it lasts and work as it should before recommending or continuing to use it.

3. Follow all manufacturers advice.
If I can’t get a product to work how I want, I’ll contact the manufacturer and get advice. Simple as. They designed the product. They know how to use it to get best results and should be able to tell you. If they can’t then I wouldn’t waste my time with it.

4. Keep it professional.
Yes, I personally know manufacturers/stockists of the brands I try. And I want to see their business thrive. However I’ve built a reputation as an honest and independent educator/tech. So I will be 100% professional and 0% personal when reviewing/trialling a product. I don’t want discount or freebies. I want my integrity to stay in tact.

And finally

5. Customer service.
There’s no point having a great product if your service is shite. Simple as. If I’m going to use a product I need to know my orders will be completed in a timely manner (for me, I’d expect any online order within approx a week unless otherwise stated on the website) and if there’s an issue it will be resolved quickly. Mistakes happen. It’s how they’re handled that bothers me.

I hope this has helped you understand what I do before recommending any product or equipment.

Below is a list of the products/furniture/equipment I personally use and recommend, click the links below for individual websites where you can purchase the items listed.

Equipment/Salon Set Up

Twister DT, table top dust extractor – Petra Jakes group buying Facebook page

Arm Rest – Petra Jakes group buying Facebook page

Atwood efile bits – Petra Jakes group buying Facebook page

Efile – NSI Upower

Linnmon/Alex Desk & Drawers – Ikea

Table Light – MIG Lamp – MIG Shop UK

Camera Mount for YouTube videos etc – Amazon

Lights for filming – Amazon

Travel Lamp – Abody


Acrylic Brush – The Glitter Fairy

Glitters, Pigments, Swarovski Crystals etc – The Glitter Fairy

Acrylic Systems – HD ProfessionalCJP

Stamping Equipment – Moyou

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