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What is it?

Enjoy a regular goody bag direct to your door, full of beautiful scents.

Each month has a theme and carefully selected scents to accompany it.

£5 Goody bag will have at least 4 different scents.

£10 Goody bag will have at least 6 different scents.

£20 Goody bag will receive ALL this months scents.


How often do I receive it?

You can choose to receive a goody bag every 1,2, 3 or 4 months, or just have a one off trial :)

Goody bag info is updated around the 15th of every month, so you know what will be in your goody bag next month.

Payment links are then sent on the 20th of every month, don't want the box? That's fine, you won't automatically be charged, so can easily skip a month.

Payments are taken the month before, so if you sign up/pay in November, you will receive the December goody bag.

Goody bags are sent the 1st week of the month, depending on demand there may be a little delay, in this instance please allow 10 working days from the 1st of the month for delivery.

December Goody Bag - Due to ship early December - All images will be updated by the 20th

Each goody bag will receive a random combination of the following scents.

  • Blackcurrant & Agarwood - Simmering ScentsA BRAND NEW PRODUCT launching in December, Simmer Scents are a super simple new product of scented rock salt.  Super strong scent and easy to clean up and change. A rich Oriental fusion of star anise harmonised with hints of saffron, coriander and tarragon leading to an enticingly sensual base of oud accorded with vetiver, sandalwood, guaiac and cool amber.
  • Butter Beer - Soy Wax Melts - I can't be the only one to love a Harry Potter marathon at Christmas, so this scent is a must have to help set the mood. A strong edible smelling fragrance with notes of butter, toffee and vanilla.
  • Chocolate Fudge - Soy Wax Melts - A rich indulgent accord of velvety chocolate enhanced with vanilla cakey notes. The ultimate indulgent Christmas scent
  • Fairy Princess - Scoopies! - To me, this popular high street scent is a massive part of the Christmas season, so of course it needed to be included in the December Goody Bag. A vibrant sweet fruity accord with notes of bubblegum, banana, pear drops, musk and vanilla with sweet candy floss. Also in the brand new Scoopy format, a soft wax  to scoop out portions and melt.
  • Frosted Serenity - Soy Wax Melt CubesAn alluringly beautiful fragrance opening with notes of frozen cassis and mint leaf leading to a pretty heart of iced cyclamen and elegant winter rose. All of this is enwrapped by a comforting musky base.
  • Gingerbread - Soy Wax MeltsThe aroma of spicy warm gingerbread rich with nutmeg, cinnamon and roasted biscuit notes will evoke childhood memories of gingerbread men. The perfect scent and sure to be a future festive favourite.
  • Spicy Mulled Wine - Simmering Scents - A BRAND NEW PRODUCT launching in December, Simmer Scents are a super simple new product of scented rock salt.  Super strong scent and easy to clean up and change. Spicy mulled wine is a spiced apple and orange scent with a cinnamon and clove on a red wine base. The perfect Christmas scent.


PLEASE NOTE - Please do not add other items to your order as they will not be shipped separately the order will be shipped together with the goody bag.

Melts & More Info

To save space and not waffle on too much here, I've created a few blog posts for my melts and more.

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Can't find the scent you're looking for?

If you've checked the main scent list and can't find what you're looking for, then ping me a message and I'll track it down for you xoxo