About Me


Well hello there kitty kats!
I thought I'd update this page as we head into 2021.  So, Hello!  I'm Lucy, the face behind Miss Lucy's (very original name I know!).
I'm a mid 30s lady, living in rural Suffolk with my wonderful other half, 2 Basenji pooches, and 2 gypsy cobs.  I live a very quiet life, and very hermit like!  I love being creative and keep myself busy everyday with my creative projects.
If you're a long time follower you'll notice a lot of changes on the website recently.  My focus has definitely switched towards melts and skincare in the last year, and I'm absolutely loving all the amazing feedback and support form you all.
There's still a nail art section, and plenty of sparkles to choose from, so fret not!
My story is rather long and winding, so I'll try and keep it short for you all.  About 8yrs ago I left my life as a competition groom and retrained as a nail tech.  It's been a crazy busy few years, and last year saw a massive shift in my business as I couldn't work as a Nail Tech for most of it and started to focus more on my melts and skincare.  
As we enter 2021 I'm tentatively looking forward to launching some new products and moving the business in a new direction, watch this space :)
Stay safe, and stay sparkly!