About Me


Well hello there kitty kats!
Welcome to my website, here you'll find info on my training, client services and shop, but first...a little about me...
I'm a mid 30s lady, living in rural Suffolk with my wonderful other half, 2 Basenji pooches, and 2 traditional cobs.  I live a very quiet life, and very hermit like!  I love being creative and keep myself busy everyday with my creative projects, mainly involving glitter...I'm basically a magpie.
If you're a long time follower you'll notice a lot of changes on the website recently.  It's been a crazy year hasn't it? Every week/month brings new challenges for the self employed and I feel my business has had to be very fluid to survive!
As we head towards normality I'm able to start focusing on nails and sparkles again.  I'm also continuing to create beautiful melts and enjoy working in a different medium and still being creative.
If you have any questions, comments or requests, please don't hesitate to contact me.