Spring Cleaning Collection - Soy Wax Melts

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The Collection

Scents inspired by cleaning products and Hinch favourites.

The Scents

  • Dreams - Dreams is similar in scent to the the dreams laundry beads. A combination of scents bursting with Jasmin & Gourmand vanilla.
  • Golden Orchid - Similar in style and identity to this well known fabric conditioner,A robust Oriental accord opening with soft fruits, coconut and cyclamen leading to a warm heart of clove and rich floral tones of jasmine, heliotrope and rose supported by a sweet base of vanilla, amber, sugar, musk.
  • Lavish - Lavish is similar in scent to the Lavish laundry beads. With similar notes of peachy, gourmand scent infused with creamy tonic vanilla notes with a hint of caramel.
  • Spring Awakening - Spring awakening is similar in scent to the the spring awakening laundry beads. A combination of Spring flowers, hints of natural patchouli and White cedar scents.
  • Wonderland - Inspired by the Hinch winter scent, wrap yourself in a luxurious wonderland of winter roses on a creamy base 

Product Description

To save space and not waffle on too much here, I've created a few blog posts for my melts and more.

For product descriptions, including sizes, how they're made and uses click here.

For my melt intro blog click here.

A full scent list and CLPs can be found here.

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Can't find the scent you're looking for?

If you've checked the main scent list and can't find what you're looking for, then ping me a message and I'll track it down for you xoxo