Melt Gift and Storage Boxes - Due to dispatch mid/end of October

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If you're like me, you have a massive stash of melts slowly taking over your house!

These boxes are the perfect place to store your stash in a beautiful way.

Small - Inside 9.5x11.4.5cm - Ideal as a gift box for a taster kit for friends and family.

Medium (A5) - Inside 22x16x9.5cm - Easily holds 25 snap bars, plenty of room for a stash.

Large (A4 - and it's a big boy!) - Inside 31.5x24x10.5cm - This is for those (like me) with a serious problem! It fits 65+ snap bars in!  Yes, mine is full and has my ENTIRE collection in...with a little spare room!

PLEASE NOTE - this is a custom item and due to ship the mid/end of October.

If ordering from the UK your order will be split and the storage box sent later.

If ordering internationally, any order placed will be sent in full when the boxes arrive.