Website Upgrades!

Hey there kitty kats!

I hope you've all had a wonderful week?  I've been a busy bee this week, working hard to update and upgrade the website to offer loads of new offers, discounts and easy ways to get in touch with me.  There'll all listed below, and I hope you love them as much as me!

Update 1 - Direct Messaging

First up, you can now direct message me while browsing the site.

See that little pink bubble on the lower right hand corner of the screen?  Just tap that and you can chat to me!  I'll reply as soon as I can, but if I'm busy mixing sparkles or pouring melts, just leave and email address and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Update 2 - Reviews and Product Questions

Next up, you can now leave reviews for the products you've bought, this helps others make decisions on what they buy, and lets me know which products you love so I know what to make more of!

While scrolling through the website, you'll see the rating the products have and how many reviews.

And on each product listing, scroll down and you'll find where to leave your review, and also where to ask any questions on the product.

update questions

I'm offering a monthly prize draw for reviews, as a little thank you for leaving a review.  Every review made will gain an entry into a monthly prize draw to win a £20 voucher on the website.


Update 3 - Loyalty Rewards

Anyone who's followed my other businesses (which have merged to create Miss Lucy's Boutique) you will be used to my loyalty point scheme, well, this had to return on this new website!

In the bottom left hand corner of your screen you will see a little green bag and heart bubble icon.  Tap this to start collecting rewards.


There's loads of ways to earn points, and it's so easy to claim your points and apply to orders.

I know the world is mad right now, and we are all being very careful with the pennies we spend, so I wanted to add an extra thank you to all my lovely customers who shop with me and keep coming back for more.  It means the world to me.

Update 4 - In cart discounts

Next up I've set up multi buy discounts for glitters and melts.  These are listed in the product descriptions and automatically calculated at checkout.  The glitter discounts are valid across all glitters. The melt offer is valid across all melts, regardless of size.


Update 5 - Announcement Banner

Last up...a new announcement banner at the top of the screen.  This will keep you upto date with important news and website updates.

And that's about it!

As you can see....I've been a busy bee, but I wanted to offer the best possible shopping experience to all of my wonderful customers.

You really do mean the world to me, an your continued support means the world, you really do allow me to live my dreams, and that's means so much.

I hope you like all the new updates, let me know if you have any feedback or requests, either by direct message or contacting me here

Stay safe, and stay sparkly!

Lucy xoxo

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