Wax Melts - A Quick Intro

Wax Melts - A Quick Intro

Hey there my lovelies,

Today I'm sharing a quick intro to the wonderful world of wax melts!

What are they?

My wax melts are solid soy wax with fragrance, they are warmed in a wax warmer to melt them and release their fragrance, to keep your home or workplace beautifully fragranced.

Why use them?

For me, wax melts are the obvious choice over candles or oils for ease of use and safety reasons.  There's no wick, and if you use an electric warmer, no flame from a tea light.  They're also super easy to switch up on a daily basis for a different scent.

How to use them

First choice is what type of warmer to use, would you prefer tealight or electric?

Tealight powered - make sure it's suitable for wax and not just oil, sometimes the oil ones are a little too short and heat the wax too much, causing the scent to burn off too quick.  It's also recommended to use a tealight warmer for 4 hrs at a time, as the flame can heat the bowl too much after this time.

Electric - for me, these are my favourite choice, they can be on all day, no need for a naked flame, easily turn on and off and some have 3 heat settings too, so you can control how warm they get.  They're also a safer option around pets and children.  I always have mine on the highest setting for the best scent throw.

Once you've decided on your warmer, you need to place it on a heat proof surface with good ventilation all around, you want air to easily move around it to spread the fragrance, and don't want it too close to any other objects as this could be dangerous. Also make sure it is out of reach of children and pets.

Once you're set up, remove all the packaging from your melt and pop in the dish.  For snap bars I tend to use 2 blocks at a time, and mini snap bars I use the all 3 sections.  This easily lasts at least a day.

Remember to never leave unattended, and always turn off or extinguish the tealight when you go out.

Why I make them

I've always been a creative/crafty person, I like keeping busy and making beautiful things.  Unfortunately the last few years has taken it's toll on my hands and I struggle to do nails now, I started making melts a few years back, just for myself, but in the last year I started selling and have been so overwhelmed by the support of all my friends, family and followers that I'm focusing more on melts as it's a way for me to be creative.  I also love packaging up orders, knowing the excitement they'll cause when they arrive with my customers.  Being able to spread a smile is something I'm so proud to do :)

A note about CLP

I won't go into too much detail on this one, as it's a 'boring legal bit'.  But I just wanted to explain what CLP labels are and why wax vendors must use them.

CLP (Classification, Labelling & Packaging) is an EU regulation that applies to candles and wax melts.

Put simply all wax melts must have a CLP label on it clearly stating the scent and any warnings.  It's basically to keep you safe and make sure buyers are aware of what they are buying.

All my listings have links to the CLP images, so you can view before you buy.

My biggest note on CLP is to make sure that any vendor you buy from is CLP compliant, lets face it, a lot of people make wax melts these days, so it's important you go to someone who has taken to the time to understand the products and chemicals they are using and are keeping their customers safe and informed.

And that's a wrap...my very quick intro to wax melts, I hope you find it useful, and if you'd like any other questions answered, just ping me a message!

Until next time, stay safe, and stay sparkly guys!



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