Wax Melt Safety

Wax Melt Safety

Hello my lovelies,

With wax melts growing more popular every day, I wanted to create a little wax melt safety blog to make sure you know how to use your melts safely :)

Warmer Safety

  • Make sure to only use appropriate wax warmers, either electric or tealight powered.
  • Oil burners are not suitable for wax melts.
  • If tealight powered, a taller design is best, some of the very short warmers designed as oil burners, may result in wax heating to a high temperature, and reducing the length of use as the fragrance is burned off quickly.
  • Make sure your warmer is on a flat, stable, heat resistant surface, ideally on a coaster too. They can get hot when in use!
  • Ensure your warmer is placed somewhere well ventilated, but away from drafts, so the scent can travel easily.
  • Do not put your warmer near anything flammable, e.g. on a plastic shelf or next to your TV.
  • For tealight warmers only use 1 4hr tealight at a time
  • DO NOT stack tealights and DO NOT use large 8hr+ tealights. This will create too much heat, which can result in damage to the warmers and create a fire hazard.

Melt Safety

  • Keep all melts and warmers out of reach of children and pets.
  • Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct heat.
  • Melts are best stored somewhere cool.
  • Remove all packaging from your melts before use.

While in Use

  • Never leave a warmer unattended while in use.
  • Do not touch the melted wax, it is hot, and may burn.
  • Only leave tealight warmers alight for a maximum of 4 hrs, then allow to cool before lighting anther tealight.
  • Melts and Scoopies are used in the same way (as explained above), simmers are the easiest to clean out, as you simply tip them out and refill!
  • Use your melts as many times as you like.  Change when you want a new scent, or the old scent has been used up.

How to Dispose of

  • When you want to remove the old wax, allow to cool, then apply gentle pressure to one side of the disc, it will gently 'pop' out of the bowl, alternatively, turn off the warmer and use a few cotton wool balls to soak up the wax to remove it.


If you have any questions that I haven't answered here, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Stay safe and sparkly!



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