Time To Shine (Again!)

Time To Shine (Again!)

Hey there my beautiful friends, how are you all?

I'm popping in this week to share a little sparkle update with you all.  As we tentatively start looking forward to close contact services re-opening, I am letting my sparkly tendencies shine again!`

Lets face it, last year was madness! And we're all sick of hearing that I know.  But for my fellow nail techs and those that work in the beauty industry, it was pretty much a write off, as soon as we could we re-open, it felt like we were shut down again, and all my love and passion disappeared in a wave of uncertainty and, lets face it fear! I know what you're all thinking, what a happy little blog she's writing today!  I know, I sounds blue, but I'm honestly not, just working through the journey of the last year.


April 5th, the PM will let us know if we can re-open, and I'm being quietly optimistic this will happen, I've got all my nail bits out of storage and have my waitlist steadily growing for when we can return to work.

I'm trying to practice a little every day, even if only one nail, to remind my hands what's expected of them.  As we all start to emerge from the year that was, I'm starting to add more sparkles to the website.

Over the next few weeks I'll be adding a few glitters a day, mainly clearing the Glitter Fairy stock, but also sharing a few new mixes.

I had relaunched last year, with super cute little pots, but alas, finding a reliable supply for these is being scuppered by Brexit and COVID, so when the current stock of pots runs out, I will be returning the slimmer and easier to store baggies, but now, with a heaped 15ml scoop, rathe than the previous 5ml!

I'll be slowly working through my rather vast stash of glitter, so keep an eye out for any of your favourites returning.  This is also a great time to take advantage of the Open Box Ordering too, you can easily add to your order and then have it shipped in one go. Find out more here.

I hope all my fellow techs have come through ready to head back to work and rebuild or even start a new business.

I'll continue creating my melts, as it's become a true passion of mine, and I love the time I spend in the melt room.

Here's to a brighter 2021!

As always, if you have any questions, comments or requests, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Stay safe and sparkly!

Lucy xoxo

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