The Drama of Packaging!

The Drama of Packaging!

My Dear Lawdy!!!

The follow on effects of COVID and Brexit continue to be seen in all areas of business, and just as one issue is fixed, another pops it's head up!

Through lockdown last year, I had time to re-assess and see the future I wanted for my business, I decided to keep on with the glitters, but in more of a boutique way, with mainly my own mixes.

New packaging was found and I relaunched. It was so fabulous to be able to share my sparkles again.

Then the packaging issues started to appear, not only postal packaging, but the actual pots! I wanted cute and girly pots, nothing too fancy, but functional for a busy nail tech. I found them, ordered 1000s and set to work with the relaunch.  These only lasted a few weeks, and when I was running low I placed another, larger, order.

After a week or so, I realize this order is very late, so contact my supplier, only to find out they can't fulfil the order and have no idea when they will be able to.  A quick change of pot lid colour, and I could have a few 100 pots. So I think 'Ok that will tide me over until bubble-gum pink is back'.

How wrong was I!

Days turned into weeks, turned into months, and I've had to return to bags, again!  This constant packaging change annoys me, so I know it must annoy my customers!

Finally I give up, and go back to the search for the perfect pot.  After a few months I finally find the ones I have now, shallower, but wider, and with a lovely soft lilac lid. Perfect!

Another few thousand ordered, and used for the restock. As soon as I'm halfway through I order more......and can you guess what happens?  Different supplier, but same problem.  A week or so later I find out they won't be coming.  Their shipping costs have changed, and instead of contacting to me to see if I would pay the extra or like to cancel my order, they just mark as dispatched, with no plans to dispatch.

I'm still fighting to get my money back and have had to get PayPal involved as the seller just will not refund!!

I've now found a new supplier, order is on the way, and will hopefully be here in the next week.  But unfortunately, I had to order a lot less than I wanted, as I'm awaiting the original refund.

In these crazy times, I expect delays, and stock issues, I'd be crazy not to.  But I'm finding it increasingly infuriating how little some companies choose to communicate with customers, and wait for the customer to have to chase up an error/issue.

I've always prided myself on my good stock control and availability, so find it so frustrating constantly letting my customers down.  Which is why I wanted to share this blog, not as a rant (which hopefully I haven't gone on too much of one!) just as an update into the inner workings behind the scenes of Miss Lucy's....who'd have thought selling glitter would be so stressful at times?!

Thank you to all my amazing customers for their continued support and patience during these crazy times!

And keep your eyes peeled for lots of awesome launches coming soon! (Once the pots are back in!)




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