See Ya Later 2020!

See Ya Later 2020!

I'm not the only one breathing a sigh of relief to see NYE in sight right?

If you follow my socials you'll see that I managed to stab my hand and needed stitches Sunday.  So my crazy run up to Christmas full of clients and sparkly nails, has been cancelled...there were tears and I generally feel very stupid for my clumsiness! But hey could be a lot worse!

We're all getting sick of hearing what a crazy year its been, I know, but we need to be proud of getting through it, which some semblance of sanity, yay us!

For this week's blog I wanted to take a look back at my 2020, before sharing exciting plans for 2021 in next weeks blog.

Have you started making plans for next year yet?  Mine are all very loose and tentative, but it's nice to have a rough idea of what I'd like to achieve.


What I Thought My 2020 Would Be

I was planning on building the teaching side of business up and working on more online courses. With lockdown I had an enforced break for the first time in my working life, it was very odd, but also gave me plenty of time to reflect.

The biggest shock, was that I didn't miss doing nails. MY hand weren't hurting, my back felt better, and it took real effort to pick up my brush and be creative.  I started to beat myself up over this, but then relaxed, and realised maybe it was time for a direction change.

Along came plan b.  While forced to stay home and not see clients, I started to work on relaunching my melts and skincare.  I've combined my businesses into one, to make my admin life somewhat easier, and means I don't feel like my focus is always being split.

I relaunched my melts, with bright colours and new packaging, and have had an amazing response with these. I'm loving testing this new medium, and being creative in a way that doesn't aggravate my hands too much.

The response from my customers has been immense, and I'm hopeful to be FINALLY launching my first new skincare by the end of January.

The year has definitely taught me to slow down and make sure I share my focus equally, and stop and smell the roses. Like everyone I've missed the social side of life, I'm pretty much a hermit, but it's definitely taken its toll.  However, I can still see the purpose and reasoning behind it all, and will continue to prioritise my communities needs above my own.

Christmas will definitely be different for many this year, I've spent many alone, far from home and often working, so for me it's not a massive upheaval.  But I want to send love and light to all those struggling right now.  The year will be over soon, next year may be much the same, but we've survived it once, we can manage again, as a nation we've survived much worse, and we've got this!

I hope you all have a safe and sparkly Christmas.

Lots of smoochies



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