October Update!

October Update!

Oh hey there!

I have returned from the week of sorting the website and still find myself with a huuuge list of more work to do, but wanted to get the website up and running and share what I've done so far!

I've listed all the new updates below in a quick way, if you have any extra questions, just shout :)


First up...the website has a new look, with simpler listings and categories for quicker browsing.


There's a few updates here, so here we go...


These are now available in a simple one price option.  Every month will include 8 20g scents in a clamshell set.  These are now sent the first week of the month and pre paid money saving options are also available, perfect for gifts.

Ready to Pour

The most popular 100 scents are now in the 'Ready to Pour' section.  These are kept in stock and on the shelf at all times.

Poured to Order

All the other scents are now available as 'Poured to Order'.  So your favourite seasonal or limited edition scents can be bought as snap or heart bars.  Poured to order won't delay your order more than a few days, and you can even requests colours and sparkles, as the melts are poured just for you.

Limited Edition

These scents will be available as seasonal scents, and sold in seasonal shapes, brittles etc.  The most popular seasonal scents will then become 'Poured to Order' after the initial collection are sold out.


Glitter and nail art items will start being added to the website at the end of this week, new sparkles are coming!

The Rest...

There are lots of other new bits coming, but just need finishing off, so keep an eye on socials and emails for updates.



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