Melts & More - Sizes & How to Use

Melts & More - Sizes & How to Use

Updated 29/07/2021

Hey there lovelies,

Some of you may have seen my recent blog about a few changes coming the way for melts, so I thought it would be a good time to update this info blog.

A note about all my fragrances...

Every batch of melts is hand mixed and poured by little ol' me.

My wax melts are sustainable, eco friendly and cruelty free.  I use a carefully selected blend of soy wax, with a dash of fragrance and the odd splash mica, dye and glitter.

There will be variations in colour, shimmer, glitter etc. this won't effect the scent in anyway, I just like mixing it up and being creative with every batch I do.

Occasionally a little blooming or frosting maybe occur, this is a common thing with natural wax, and shows how pure and natural it is, and this also does not effect the scent in anyway.

How To Use

Small - Remove all packaging, pop in your warmer and allow to melt, simples! 

Snap Bars - Open the clamshell, snap a section and pop in the warmer and allow to melt. Reseal the clamshell for future use.

When you want to change the scent either use a few cotton balls to soak up the wax, or leave to cool and then 'pop' it out.  To clean your warmer you can use warm water and washing up liquid.

Full use and safety info can be found here.

Sizes Available

New Packaging

  • Small - Approx. 10g - Burn time 12hrs +

  • Snap Bar - Approx. 65g - Burn time 80hrs +

Old Packaging

  • Small - Approx. 9g - either mini snaps or random shapes - Burn Time 10hrs+

  • Brittle Bag - Approx. 25g broken wax brittle - Burn Time 30hrs+

  • Heart - Approx. 35g - Burn Time 45hrs+

  • Snap Bar - Approx. 50g - Burn Time 70hrs+

  • Mega Slab - Approx.100g - Burn Time 120hrs+

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