May Glitter Subs Swatches & Designs

May Glitter Subs Swatches & Designs

Well hello there my lovelies!

Today I'm sharing the May Glitter Subs designs.

A massive thank you to my fabulous babes for creating these fabulous designs using the Spring Sparkles!

Acrylic Designs

Spring Sunshine



We're Back Baby 


Gel Polish Designs


Thank you Shelley for this beautiful design.

  1. Paint 2 coats of your gel polish colour curing in between layers. 
  2. Using a glitter brush lightly brush Delight glitter from the top of the nail down toward the free edge creating an ombré effect. 
  3. Top coat and cure. 
  4. Using a small dotting tool and white nail varnish/stamping polish make 5 dots in shape of a flower. 
  5. As it’s setting drag your smallest dotting tool or a cocktail stick through the dot into the centre to create petals.
  6. Repeat the process using mixture of pale pink and white polish. 
  7. Add yellow dots to the middle of each flower then finish with top coat over whole design. 


Delicious & Delight

Thank you Jenny for these beautiful designs.

  1. To start off a gel nude polish was used to cover 3 of the nails. Along with a baby pink and a mint green  gel polish for the middle and little nails.  
  2. Once all cured, matte top coat all the nails and cure. 
  3. For the ring nail using the pink gel polish and miss Lucy’s detailer brush a line was drawn where the  slight curve would be. Then using the gel polish to colour the rest in and give it a flash cure. Using delight  burnish it into the pink polish and draw a line using the other colour and then double top coat. The same  was done for the index nail but using the mint polish and burnishing delicious into the gel polish.  
  4. For the thumb nail nude base with a matte top coat. First using the pink gel polish. Petals we’re drawn  and before curing the polish, sprinkle delight on top of the polish and cure. Any excess glitter was  brushed away. Petals were then drawn using the mint polish and using delicious to be sprinkled on top  and double cured. Dust off any excess glitter.


  1. For the thumb and little nail start with a marble gel polish. Placing dots of colours on top and creating  the marble effect with the detailer brush and cure. Using a bit delight mix it into a small amount of base  coat on the paint pallete and another mixture with delicious. Using the glitter mixture and detailer brush  draw around the edges of the nail. Once done double top coat and cure.  
  2. Index nail was coated in a baby pink gel polish and flash cured. Delight was then burnished into the  glitter and double top coated and cured. 
  3. Same was done for the ring nail but using a mint gel polish and burnishing delicious into the glitter. 
  4. For the middle nail, start with the mint gel polish and going diagonally across the nail and flash cure.  Burnish delicious into the nail. Either side of the glitter using dots of gel polish to create a marble polish  with the detailer brush and cure. Then using the delight and vase coat mixture to outline delicious. Again  top coated and cured for the full amount of time.


  1. A mixture of gel polish were used for this set.  
  2. Base coat each nail. 
  3. Using the first colour and placing it where I would like to go, give it a flash cure. Then using the next  colour placing that where I would like it and again flash cure. This was repeated for each colour apart  from where the glitter the go. Leaving the gap where the glitter would be placed, using the matte top  coat, coat the nails and cure. 
  4. Using the base colour for the glitters place them where the gaps are and flash cure. Burnish delight and  delicious into the part that has just been flash cured. And then double top coated and cured.  
  5. Using the different colours and the detailer brush, lines had been created where the colours meet each  other. Once all the lines were drawn on, cure and wipe with cleanser if needed.

Egg Hunt

Thank you Shelley for this beautiful design.

  1. Apply 2 coats of pale pink gel polish, do NOT cure the 2nd layer yet. 
  2. Into the wet gel place one of the large dots in the middle of the nail then place the different colour dots underneath. 
  3. Then place the medium and smaller dots to the side of the each colour to create a French effect. 
  4. Finish building up your design, once happy with your dot placement cure to set in place. 
  5. Then apply thin layer of clear builder gel and turn nail upside down for few seconds to smooth and cure. (Can also be done using 2 top coats instead of builder) 
  6. Refine edges if needed then finish with top coat. 


Thank you Jenny for this beautiful design.

  1. Apply 2 coats of baby blue gel polish. 
  2. Burnish delight into the bottom you to half way. 
  3. Using a gold gel and detailer brush, draw the trunk and branches and cure. 
  4. Apply a layer of base coat onto the nail and place the dot mix at the end of branches carefully. Then  once on cure under lamp. 
  5. Apply 2 layers of top coat 


  1. Apply 2 coats of baby blue gel polish 
  2. Burnish delicious into the bottom half of the nail  
  3. Apply a layer of base coat (do not cure) and place the dots where you would like them to go then cure Apply 2 layers of top coat coat and cure

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