June Glitter Subs - Cocktail Club! - Swatches & Designs

June Glitter Subs - Cocktail Club! - Swatches & Designs

 Hey there my lovelies,

This months glitter subs are inspired by Cocktails!  As the world starts opening up i wanted to celebrate this with some boozy treats!

The videos and step by steps are shared below an stock will be updated to buy these goody bags on the 20th here.

Let me know what you think of them!












  1. Start with a pale yellow gel polish base. 
  2. Press some silver chrome flakes randomly onto the tacky layer. 
  3. Apply layer of matte top coat and cure. 
  4. Using a green tack free art gel paint two curved lines. 
  5. Using a dotting add dots either side of the lines.
  6. Then using a fine liner brush drag the dots out into a leaf shape. Don’t cure yet. 
  7. Hold nail over a tray and sprinkle kamikaze glitter over the leaves. Then cure. 
  8. Dust off excess glitter. 



  1. Apply 2 coats of a cornflower blue gel polish, wipe off tacky layer. 
  2. Using a black stamping polish, stamp a floral design over half the nail. 
  3. Mix a small amount of tequila sunrise glitter with clear top coat. Use a fine brush to paint in between the lines and cure. 
  4. Paint a black line across the top where the stamp finishes and cure. 
  5. Finish with top coat. 


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Absolutely loving these ,especially the pink and the blue stars ,I’m hoping you will bring out a lilac and some other colours,your mixes are always beautiful,so glad you started doing them again xx

Dawn Beck

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