It's almost time for Santa to visit!!!!

It's almost time for Santa to visit!!!!

Hey there my lovelies!

I'm doing a little Christmas update a week early, as most of you may know I'm also a nail tech, and the next week or so will be crazy busy for me getting everyone's Christmas sparkles done.

Man, what a year it has been!  I had such plans for 2020 and none of them have been achieved, I'm sure I'm not the only one though right? The main thing is...we made it!  The year has been about keeping my head down and surviving, and I'm proud to say I did!

Next week, I'll share a blog looking back over 2020, but this week I wanted to focus on Christmas only.


So different from last year

This time last year I was working hard as a nail tech and educator and The Glitter Fairy was keeping me busy with orders and Christmas sparkles. If you'd have asked me what I though this crimbo would look like then, I'd have said pretty much the same. But with lockdown and so many restrictions, this year has been such a journey.

Obviously during lockdown I was unable to do my main job and had faaaaar too much time to sit and think, never a good thing for me.  However I tried to focus on the positives that came from it.

My main business is now my melts, and that is not at all what I had planned.  I'll go more into the decisions for my changes in next weeks blog, but have to say I'm loving the direction the business has gone in.

My wrists and hands have been causing problems for a while, and when making melts they don't hurt like they do with nails.  I can still be creative and try new things, and I've loved learning more about the wax and other recipes and tried and tested what it can do.

My first Christmas collection has sold so well, it's honestly been such a shock.  To have such a wonderful following of loyal customers means the world.  I work so hard to create beautiful things and it's wonderful to have such amazing support as my business changes direction.


The Time to Refocus

I'm also so excited to have finally been able to focus on the direction change I attempted a year ago, I've almost finalised my final recipes and hope to be launching my new skincare lines in January.

It's been a crazy year for us all and I'm so proud of us all for making it! So many have managed to find the positives and refocus their lives.  The hard work isn't over yet, but it's great to know we may be on the home run.

For me, Christmas has always been a time to stop and take stock.  I like a quiet Christmas, and as a business owner its one of the few times of the year I can take off 'guilt free' time!

For a change, this year I'm working up to Christmas Eve but will be taking most of the time between Crimbo and New Year off.  I can't wait to stop and reflect on all the year has taught me and how to move forward next year  (While also stuffing in a ridiculous amount of cheese in my face of course)  Do you do similar?


Merry Christmas

Thank you again for all the support and love through the year.  I hope you enjoy a wonderful and safe Christmas.

Stay Safe and Sparkly



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