Hey There 2021

Hey There 2021


Can you tell I'm excited for this one?  I'm all about NY!!! I'm not going to start wanging on about how 2021 is going to be the best year ever....I feel the desire to tentatively enter the year like getting in a cold swimming pool. Gently does it!

One thing I can say though, and that's that I can't WAIT to say goodbye to 2020.  I can find many positives for the year. But a fair few negatives, and as I enter the new year I'm once again considering the way forward with another lockdown in place and half of my business closed.

Today's Updates

To welcome in the new year I've given the website a facelift!  I hope you're enjoying the sleeker, simpler look and finding the navigation easy?

I've also split all the listings to individual scent listings, this was requested by many, so now you can view all scents on their own, and then select the size you'd like from the dropdown in the listing.

You can also view by collections, where I've put scents together to match seasons, moods and other themes.

All core lines are now available to subscribe to.  I have lots of return customers ordering the same favourite scents every month, you can now set up an automatic subscription for your favourites, it won't automatically take payment, these are uncertain times, and I know some months pennies may be a little tight, so you'll get an email invoice and prompted to pay, if you don't want the order, just ignore the invoice :)

All of January Subs extras are available to buy now, I've only got a few left of each as December saw a mass of subs orders, so grab them while you can!

I've also added a few new scents today too, including two of my favourites Bedtime Baby Bath and Purple Rain.

January's charity collection has launched, helping to raise funds for FLOOF and I can't tell you how much fun it was to make the Jelly Bean toe beans and love heart snaps!

What has the rest of 2021 got in store for Miss Lucy's?


Unfortunately, I feel 2021 will see the end of my journey with nails.  My hands have been bad for a few years, and with the last year of lockdowns and uncertainty they seem worse when I am allowed to work again.  It's a tough one, and still requires a lot of thought.  But I can see me winding up/massively reducing that side of the business, to focus on the melts and skincare.

It's a decision I haven't come to easily, and one that I haven't entirely made yet, so watch this space.


This is another area that may be heavily reduced.  With nail techs unable to work for most of next year, and lots of us again in Tier 4, it has effected that side of the business. I still have a LOT of glitter from TGF days, so will be listing larger weight bags for clearance starting mid January.  This will be a great way for all my lovely sparkly followers to stock up on their favourite mixes and colours and grab a bargain.  Make sure you're on the mailing list to get notified first!


Well, it can't be a surprise that this is where my focus has been a lot this year.  I love being creative in a way that doesn't aggravate my tired hands, and its pretty awesome to be creating little treats for people to enjoy while stuck in their homes.  I've honestly been overwhelmed with the feedback and popularity of them.  The subscription backs have doubled in the last month and I'm loving creating these themed treats for you.  I've got lots of new products coming and I'm also working on my own new recipes!

The Valentine's collection is all set to launch in a week or so, and I'm having a great time creating a mermaid themed subscription for March!


Finally!! I'm so close to launch!  Just need to get the final bits sorted and registration completed and my first 3 skincare beauts will be ready, I cannot tell you how excited this makes me!!!  My lip balms have been so popular from the beginning, so I can't wait to see what you think of the skincare lines.

And now I have to sign off, as a family zoom quiz calls!

I hope you all have a wonderful safe and sparkly NYE!




I wish you every success Lucy, not an easy decision on the nails but it is tough on our hands. You have to do what is best. Loving your wax melts and look forward to your skin care. Much love ♥️

Michelle Ghillyer

Don’t like the ‘nails’ paragraph 😢😢 but I know how you struggle with your poor hands xx

Lisa Cook

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