Charity Return!

Charity Return!

Hey there lovelies!

How are we all today?

First up, I'm so so sorry it's been MONTHS since my last charity update, there's no excuse, it's just been a whirlwind of a year!


A Quick Catch Up

Let's do a quick donations catch up first of all.

Cabaret vs Cancer

An extra £10 worth of melts has sold since my last update, and today the full amount was donated.

Autism Awareness

£50 worth of melts sold in this collection, so today £25 was donated.



This Months Charity

Going forward I've decided to support one charity.  I think the admin side of contacting charities and organising the legal side and paperwork was massively slowing me down.

I've chosen FLOOF as it's a charity close to my heart and one I feel is very worthy for all the amazing work they do.

Kicking off August I will be relaunching the popular and very fitting scent Puppy Snuggles in FLOOF bones and paws.

As always this is a limited edition collection, so once sold out I will start work on the next scent in limited edition shapes.

Puppy Snuggles - A fresh, clean floral accord with sparkling citrus, leading with a floral, herbal heart, resting on a base of musks and precious woods.



How To Buy

The August charity collection will be available Friday 6th August at 6pm.  Make sure to join the mailing list so you don't miss out when they're available.

If you have any requests for the next scent, drop me a line :)

Lucy xoxo

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