A Little Re-format Update

A Little Re-format Update

Hello there my lovelies, and how are you today?

I'm just checking in to share a reformat/update of the melts that will be happening over the next few weeks/months, which includes an explanation of some of the legalities of selling wax melts...yes...it's an exciting blog!


Food Imitation Laws

Yes, they're as exciting as they sound! Basically, back in the 80s you could buy fruity shaped and scented rubbers (erasers) and a bunch of children tried to eat them, resulting in choking etc.  this was the start of food imitation laws!

They were created to protect the vulnerable and prevent injury.  But do make creating beautiful melts a real bugger at times!  They're something I've thoroughly researched since I started and feel I have always kept within the regulations.

Essentially it's the individual makers responsibility to make sure the items they sell could not be confused for food, and be appealing enough to eat.  When scents have food names, smell scrummy AND look like the food they're named after, it becomes very tricky.

With the massive increase of those selling melts, many without adhering to the rules and following safety legislation, I'm wanting to ensure I'm doing all I can to keep all my customers safe and protected.


Being Kinder To The Planet

This is also something that is close to my heart, I want my business to be as green as possible, and this includes packaging.

Until recently I had been using cello bags as they had been sold as recyclable. Well, I learnt an interesting lesson recently!  When something is recyclable/compostable, we assume it will only last a few months/years to repurpose.  How wrong was I??  Plastics that take years to decompose can be sold as compostable, and something as simple as my cello bags, although made from cellophane which IS biodegradable, is then coated in a plastic....which means it will take 100s of years to break down.

As you can imagine that was a big surprise to me!

So I've also needed to find a new cost affective packaging to ensure once my scrummy melts have been used, you, my lovely customer, can easily dispose of the packaging in a way that doesn't damage our beautiful plant.


So What Are The Changes?

First up...I'll be streamlining the melts into 2 sizes.

  • Small - Approx. 10g. A small rectangle disc with a wax warmer design on.  Packaged in a glassine bags.
  • Snap Bar - Approx. 50g. Instead of a loose snap bar in a cello bag, these will now be in a 5 cell clamshell. 

Refocusing on the simple 2 sizes will mean I can focus more time on sourcing new scents and developing new products.

The melts will be the same high quality you've come to expect from me, but with a simpler finish.


  • Glassine Bags - a smooth and glossy paper that’s made air, water and grease resistant through a process called supercalendering. After the paper is pressed and dried, it’s run through steel and fiber-covered cylinders that flatten the paper fibers so they’re all facing the same direction. They’re not waxed or chemically-finished during manufacturing making them fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. Just pop them in your recycling bin at home.
  • Clamshells - Manufactured in the UK from high quality rPET, which is totally recyclable and contains 86% recycled plastic within the make up of the sheet. The recycled content is a mix of recycled bottle flake (water bottles) and the manufacturing waste that accumulates at the manufacturer's factory, which is ground into flake to be co extruded into the material. These can be recycled in your home recycling bins.
  • Paper CLP Labels - the ultimate recyclable material, no varnish or nasties, so these recycle easily too.
  • Clear Logo Labels - These are vegan and recyclable, so can be popped in your home recycling bin too.
  • Cute Ribbon Bows - These I encourage you to re-use in your crafts, or give to your crafty friends! Make sure to remove them before popping packaging in the recycling bin.

When Will The New Packaging/Sizes Be Available?

The first melts will be available next week.

To avoid waste I will be restocking as melts run out, so for a while there may be a mix of packaging in your orders. 

If you are buying a gift ten please let me know and I will do my best to ensure all the packaging matches.

I'd love to hear what you all think about these changes, so please feel free to message direct or comment below.

Until next time, stay safe and sparkly guys!




@Amy – I’m currently looking into a larger size too, it’s on the list to see if possible. If not, I plan on offering bulk discounts for the snaps, so you can still get the same amount of wax for a good price.
Lucy xx

Miss Lucy

Love it all, I just wondered is there a way to have the large option too? They’re a lovely size


I am so so happy that these positive changes are coming into effect. As much as I enjoy the different shapes I find them more difficult to store as they cannot be stacked as neatly. I’m also very pleased that these changes are environmentally beneficial


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