Open Box Ordering - Service Update xoxo

Open Box Ordering - Service Update xoxo

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Open Box Ordering...A little update for you all!

Hello there my lovelies, and how are you today?

The weeks seem to be flying by and we're getting ever closer to the 'C' word!  how is that even possible?

I wanted this weeks blog to be a service update, as it's something I've been pondering for a while now.

The world is moving more online with shopping, and postal services and couriers are busier than eve.  Unfortunately this means that prices are rising! What a shock I had recently when receiving my Royal Mail invoice, to see my international parcels were costing £35+ to ship!!! 

It straight away had me pondering how to help save my customers money.  I do my best to absorb as much as I can in costs, all postage is charged to you lower than I pay, as I want to make is as affordable for you all in these hard times.  But I can't reduce prices anymore at this time, or lower free shipping limits, so I've decided to trial Open Box Orders.

So...How Does it Work?

Simply put, Open Boxes are a way to build up orders and save on postage.

I'm very aware that postage prices are increasing due to global demand, international postage is especially high at the moment, so I wanted to create a solution to help my customers get their treats and sparkles, and save a little money.

So here's how you create an 'Open Box'

You place your order as normal.

That's simple enough isn't it?  Add products to your cart as normal and then head to checkout.

At checkout select 'Open Box' as your postage option.

Your order will then be put to one side - It will be marked as fulfilled and you will receive an email confirming this.

BUT NO SHIPPING INFO WILL BE GIVEN - I mark as completed on the system so you know it has been received, all orders will ship together when you close you box.

Add as many orders as you like.

You can add as many extra orders as you like, until you are ready to close the box. Simply add another order and select 'open box' shipping.  All your orders will then be bundled together.

To close your box.

When you're ready to close your box, simply message to let me know.

If your orders combined reach free shipping threshold, they will be shipped immediately.

If postage is required, I will send an invoice via email requesting this.

Why Choose an Open Box?

Open boxes are a great way to save on postage, so if you want to buy a little each week, you can, and then combine them together at the end of the month and receive an awesome bundle!

Open Box Terms

There aren't many, but please be aware of them when ordering.

  • Each order is paid for when you place it.  This reserves the items for you.
  • Boxes can stay open for a maximum of 90 days.  If your box is not closed then, I will contact you to arrange shipping.

That's all pretty simple isn't it?  If I've missed anything or you'd like to have anything clarified, just ping me a message and I can update and add to this blog easily.

I hope you're all keeping safe and well, and will check in with you all again soon.




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